Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Vacation part II

Hummmmmmm, Where do I begin? The second half of our Summer vacation started on Tuesday of the second week. We went to Brockport to drop off a video of my last year student to her mom. Then we headed out...down Route 19 south to Route 20 east to Geneva. We then headed down Route 14 on the west side of Seneca Lake.

We thought we would go to the Finger Lakes, to the wineries. But Ray only likes grape juice and I don't know that much about wine. So after stopping at only one place, Fox Run and realizing we had no idea what we were doing we went down to Ithaca and back up Rt 414 and over to 96 and to Taughannock Falls State Park near Trumansburg, NY.

We spent the night and had a nice campfire and roasted marshmellows and ate hot dogs. In the morning we met a family from New Jersey with 3 children who loved King. So the mom went and got her cup of tea and came and sat down at our picnic table to talk with us. There was one family next to us who were Korean. The young boy kept telling us how his "father never trusted this kind of dog". The kid must have told us 10-20 times how his father did not trust Rottweilers. But the dad came over once just to be sure his son was not "bothering" us. So as I cleaned up the breakfast dishes Ray was out with the kids. They were yelling and making noise...but I recognized they were singing the Muppet theme song. Ray did not recognize it.

King had a great time ...he loves to ride and sleep.
He is happy as long as he is with us.

We got back on the road and headed to The Catskill Mountains because Ray had never been there before. I had been on a 8th grade field trip when I was in 9th grade. I went as a student teacher to Frost Valley to study earth science. So we went on route 79 to 38 and then followed route 17 through Binghamton to some little roads in the Catskill mtns to route 47. We found the Frost Valley YMCA camp on Route 47. We stopped and took a picture of the information board and a picture of the Castle there.

Ray thought the Catskill Mts were boring and we headed back up Route 28 to Delhi and Oneonta untill we got to Interstate Route 88 and went back toward Binghamton. We were looking for a place to stay the night and went to a State Park but when we got there it was "CLOSED ON TUESDAYS AND WEDENSDAYS" Who does that? What a crazy thing to do. So it was raining and cold and we needed a place to stay...we also needed new windshield wipers so we stopped at Walmart to get some. We then stopped at Long John Silver's for dinner.

By the time we got to the next campground, Pine Valley RV and campground was closed. They closed at 8 and it was 8:15 pm ..dark, cold, raining. The lady who ran the place saw us turning into the campground so she got in her car and came and opened up to regester us. and we went to our site and went to campfire that night. I was able to get on the intenet for a few minutes to post a status on Facebook and then go to bed. In the morning there were too many bugs outside with the damp air they just swarmed all around our heads. They were teeny tiny knats. yuck. So we decide to to to Cracker Barrel for Breakfast. yeah!! After leaving Cracker Barrel we decide to follow Rte 11 and guess what???? We saw a SONIC on Rte 11 in Binghamton. Too bad we had already eatten and were not hungry.

We followed Rt 12 up through Norwich, Sherburne and into New Hartford. We stopped at a garage sale just before New Hartford. Ray now knows how to ask me if I want to stop some place...If he asked, "Do you want me to turn around?" I would always say, "no". BUT if he asked me if I "wanted to stop there?" I would concider it and sometimes say "yes". I know, it's weird. We stopped at a fruit stand on 233 in Westmoreland and got apples, cheese and pears. Then we stopped at Mom's house in Rome, but she was not yet home from Alaska. So we decided to go to Whetstone Gulf up route 26. We got there around 5:30 pm. and...the Ranger station at the gate was...CLOSED. It said they were closed from 4:30 pm- 7:30 pm. Campers could go pick a spot to stay and come back at 7:30 to register and be prepared to move it the spot was taken or reserved for someone else. So we picked a spot and cooked HOT DOGs again but this time with buscuits wrapped around them. YUMMMM.

At 7:30 we had a great fire going and had to MOVE. We picked an "administrative spot" or Handicapped spot. In other words we were not good enough to have that spot and had to move. We moved and had to start another fire...with what we had left of wet wood. All it did was smoke the rest of the night.

In the morning Mom called ....she was home and we went to Rome to see her. We got there at 11 am and hung out with mom. Went to Teddy's for lunch and while we were there a person was interested in looking at our camper...that is FOR SALE. She said she was not ready right now to buy it, but in about 6 months, maybe.

We drove home in the rain and dark from Rome. We made home by 11 pm.
Took the truck to Randall in Victor to have tailgate fixed, it would not stay shut after removing the camper from the truck. We picked up my car at Saturn after the hood cable was replaced, then had Praise band practice on Sat at 10. Sunday had church. After church ate at Wendy's with Sandy Wall and went to the State Fair to see Jeff Dunham. GOOD TIMES.
Drove home in the DARK AND RAIN again.

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