Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'07 Nissan Versa My New Car Oct 2010

Well I finally had to buy a new car. We shopped and shopped for a couple of months. I wanted good gas mileage and not too expensive. We looked at Mazda2, Toyota Yaris, Chevy AVEO and Nissan Versa. I thought I wanted to buy a NEW 2010 or 2011. But got talked into looking at a used 2007 Nissan Versa. It was a Tuesday night, dark and rainy. Ray test drove it. But we were not ready to buy that night. We talked about how it would be a good steward of our money if we got a used car instead of spending too much on a new one. I also thought if I offed $8000 cash I might get it. Ray seemed to think they would not take less than $10,000. The next day I decided I wanted to look at it in the day light. So I went by myself to take another look. I drove it and like the standard shift. It is a six speed and had 33,000 miles on it. So... I finally decided to buy it. But Wednesday night was a memorial service for a friend at church who was just murdered in the city of Rochester. It was really a rough week. They did not get all the paper work transferred, insurance, plates and contract so they put a dealer plate on so I could drive it to the service that night by 6 pm. I went to the service and sang and interpreted and the next day went back to sign all the paper work. I decided on getting an extended warranty. So I spent more than I really wanted but. ... I hope it is worth it. I got Rust Proofing, Sound Proofing/like ZEBART. and clear coat on the paint. This car is metal not like my '98 Saturn. I always keep my cars for a long time and don't want this one to rust here in Western NY. It reminds me of my '72 Ford Pinto. (same color). I miss my Saturn but it was time to get rid of it.  I will be going to get the warranty work done and replace the rear window wiper on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. When I looked at the car the day I bought it the hood did not latch all the way. So they "fixed" it. UNTIL we popped the hood again at home to check the oil and the hood would not latch again. I took it in and the guy said..."oh you broke your car"  I said, "NO, I BOUGHT IT THIS WAY!"  He realized he said the wrong thing at that point. I explained what had happened the day I bought it and he said they would make it right. About 45 min later I was told they had to order a new latch and wiper blade. So... I will be taking it in on Saturday after Thanksgiving to have that fixed and all the other warranty stuff done.