Friday, March 4, 2011

Kira's Crafty Life Blog: Squarc the Sweater Gremlin

Kira's Crafty Life Blog: Squarc the Sweater Gremlin: "I'm finally back to making some monsters! I've been lining up craft shows for the Spring and realized that I need to build up my inventory ..."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fun Cardmaking with a used coffee cup.

I always want to save my coffee cup to make cards and little books out of them. It seems I never really take the time to make them. Sunday afternoon I went to a friend's house to "play". I brought my cups and came up with this design. It started out as a Panera Bread cup. I thought it was unique because the logo was centered on one side of the cup opposite the seam. So I made a Tri folded card. After making sure it was clean and dry I split the seam and put coffee themed tissue paper on the inside and ironed it so the waxy inner coating glued the tissue paper to the inside.  

I used Alcohol inks to make tabs for closures. I used teal colord brads to attach the tabs.

I wanted to send this card to a friend who has moved away and I miss seeing her. So I was thinking of having coffee WITH HER. I used a rubber stamp to decorate the coffee pot on the inside and made a pocket for the packet of instant Starbuck's coffee (VIA) in the card. Stamped the pocket with a black ink that says "Let's have Coffee" then tucked the packet into the pocket.  I felt the need to tie in the Starbucks Coffee logo because I was sending Starbuck's coffee with the card so I cut out logos from other cups and glued them on and also decorated the card with more stamps and even used puff paint to look like foam.