Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I did on my Summer Vacation. 2009 part I

Due to commitments on weekends and still haveing two weeks off, Ray and I have decided to take short trips. Tuesday 8/18 we drove to Rome, NY to stay the night at my Mom's house. Even though my Mom was on her own vacation with my brother, Rick, in Alaska we stayed at her house anyway. We ordered Pizza and had it delivered. We hung out and watched TV.

After spending the night, Wed morning we continued our drive up to Moose River for a picnic and some hanging out. We walked on the rocks and King went in swimming and we cooked out Hot Dogs and S'mOreos.

Then we went up to Old Forge Hardware and bought two childrens books.....(we have no children). I have always heard people say King is just like the children's books. So we got Carl goes Shopping and Carl goes on Vacation. You must see them to appreciate them.

We stopped in Inlet to look at where the camp was. I retrieved my rubber hand and picked up some of our firewood that we had left there in the driveway a few years ago. 10 pieces of perfictly split logs for a camp fire. Ray looked forward to a nice swim in 7th Lake at the boat launch area. King went in too. I did not get all the way wet, but relaxed on a blanket and looked at a magazine until the Monster of 7th Lake came walking out of the Lagoon.

Not knowing where we were going to stay the night we drove up Rt 28 and then to Rt 30. We saw a sign for NYS Campground just past Long Lake called Forked Lake. We drove on a dirt road for about ten miles until we got to the campground. Lots of cars there but no campers except maybe one other pop up camper. It seems this camp ground caters to hikers. Most of the campsites are back in the woods. But they did have a couple of spaces for campers. So we spent the night around the camp fire. It got really cold that night. We had to use our sleeping bags. It must have been in the 50s or even high 40s. Nice weather to sleep.

In the morning we went back down Rt 30. We stopped at a nice gift shop and cafe called Mountain Memories on Rt 30 in Wells, NY.

We decided to go to Howe Caverns. So...on we went. When we got there we were trying to decide if we were going to leave the truck running for the dog to be in the Air Conditioning. The people at Howe Caverns said they had a Kennel for people to leave their dogs in while they were on the tour in the caverns. It was free...but they did ask for a donation of $5 for their Humane Society. At Howe Caverns they take you picture in the cavern and sell it to you for $8. Of course we bought it...we are on vacation.

There is a KOA Campground near Cooperstown so we pulled in there around 6:00 pm. Very nice couple, Mike and Gail just bought the place in May. Very well kept and extremely nice people. We went for the works, Water hook up, Electric Hook up and WiFi. There were Hot Showers..FREE and a pool which I never got to swim in. After some dinner around the campfire with my laptop on the picnic table we went to bed in the camper. Light breeze but not as cool as the Adirondacks. Got woke up by Rain on the roof in the morning. Just a few sprinkles here and there. We packed up and headed home on Rt 20 and decided to stop in Auburn at the Bass Pro Shop. We had lunch and bought New Balance sneakers for $29.99. We even had our picture taken in one of those fun Photo Booths just like the old days. We stopped to pick up my car at the dealership where we had dropped it off for an inspection and it needed a tie rod too. Great!. and I still need to get a cable for the hood release. Randall could not get one. Funny Ray called Saturn and they could get one. So...Saturn will get my car on Monday so they can work on it on Tuesday. We got home to our driveway around 7:30 pm last night and...Sandy and Steve were waiting for us in our yard to go for dinner at Bill Gray's. And then we went to Wall's house to watch Eureka. We came home from Wall's house at 10 pm. The camper is only half unpacked. I got up at 4:30 AM to go to church to unload the Angel Food Truck. Finished the truck early by 7:30. woooo hoooo. Trying to download pictures and think about what to do next week while on vacation. Sunday morning we have Praise Band, Interpreting, Lunch, Ladies Ministries-LUAU and Christmas Play practice.
I just bought tickets for the NY State Fair and to see Jeff Dunham in the Grandstand on Aug 30. Ray is very excited about that.

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