Wednesday, September 9, 2009

As my Kindergarten homework last night I had to make a scrapbook type of page "All About Me". I also had plans to go to the movies with Sandy Wall and friends to see a chic flick " All About Steve". Movie started at 5:10 pm. I got home late from school..due to buses being late the first day. So I had about 30-40 mins to do my project. I was working on PrintMaster and it crashed before I got to save it all. SOOO I left to go to the movie at 5:08 pm. Enjoyed the movie and afterwards went to Macaroni Grill for dinner with everyone. I knew I did not have enough time eat but ordered anyway a chicken ceasar salad. Enjoyed half and took half with me for lunch today. Went to church for 8:00 pm meeting to go over songs for Christmas play. Went home around 9:15 and started working again on my project....starting over, of course. So by one minute after midnight it was finished and I was tired after my first day of Kindergarten. I took the project to school today and shared it with the students. They learned very quickly my name it Mrs. CHAT-FIELD with the reference to Talking Meadow....the children called me constantly all day today. Yesterday they did not even talk to me...and today...Mrs. Chatfield, Mrs. Chatfield, Mrs. Chatfield, Mrs. Chatfield, Mrs. Chatfield, Mrs. Chatfield, Mrs. Chatfield.

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