Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Okay, there is a reason I don't post. I don't write well and don't have intersting stories. My spelling is horrible and my editing is even worse. I want to post pictures with the story to help show what we are doing but.... I never can get them to be in the order I want. I don't know how to move them around on the page to make it look right. So .... here goes.

Christmas was realy great here at the Chatfield family home. The house was still a mess but liveable. Adam came from Staten Island on Christmas Day. He and his friend, Nicole drove here after spending Christmas eve with her family. Kira and Cj spent Christmas in Ohio with CJ's parents. But knowing Adam was in Rochester they came back from Ohio on Saturday the day after Christmas to see Adam.
Ray was supposed to work at ADT Security Services on Christmas Day but finally found out he was able to get the day off. We had a great time with everyone. Ray and I sang at the Christmas Eve service at church and came home. We were able to sleep in on Christmas morning. Adam and Nicole got here about 4 pm and we had dinner, Ham, Pineapple dressing, Applesauce and I can't even remember what else. Since my diverticuosus started acting up a couple of weeks before I was on a restricted diet and antibiotics. Nothing tastes good on when you take antibiocitics. blaaaaahh . After dinner we went to the movies to see" Sherlock Holmes" and saw Christine Difonzo's family as they walked in. "OOOOOHHHH HI!!! and this is Nicole!"

We went home after the movies and opened presents at 9:30 PM the latest I have ever opened presents. Oh yeah, we tried to go to the 5:15 movie but could not find 4 seats together so we returned our tickets and bought new ones for 6:30 and then went and sat and waited for the next movie to start.
SATURDAY(The Day after Christmas): After Ray and I went to Praise Band practice, Sandy & Steve Wall came over for lunch. We normally go out after practice but I knew Kira and CJ would be there soon. Kira and CJ got to our house directly from Cleveland, Ohio around noon. We all had dinner.....AGAIN.... Ham, Pineapple dressing etc. Kira & CJ opened and exchanged presents with Adam and Nicole ....we all sat around.... until we decided we need to DO SOMETHING! Since Nicole is allergic to dogs and Luna and King were both here she needed medicine. So....all six of us went to Wal-Mart. It was crazy. We all had a good time. Kira and CJ need to get home to their kitty cat because someone was taking care of her while they were gone. But before they left we all went to Henrietta Hots. Nicole had her first "garbage plate".

After we got back from Henrietta Hots, Adam, Nicole and I played cards - PLAY NINE. Later Adam started playing "LIGHTS OUT". He is really good at it.

Oh and I forgot to tell about MY Gift ..... I wanted a Cherry Limeade from Sonic. Since Kira would be near one in Ohio and Adam would pass one in Binghamton the race was on to bring me a Cherry Limeade. Adam went on Christmas day and Sonic was closed. Kira while in Ohio got one the Day before Christmas. She ordered it with No Ice. then put it in a soda bottle and decorated the bottle. So Kira won. I put it with some crushed ice when they got here. It was great.
Sunday, Adam and Nicole went to church and all of us sat together during the 11 am service. We went to Applebee's for lunch with Sandy and Steve Wall, Adam and Nicole, and Ray and me. We had a great time talking about all the things Adam has done around Henrietta. Nicole said kiddingly, if her parents had known this about him, she would not be able to date him. LOL!!

Sunday after lunch Adam and Nicole packed up their stuff and we all went to Lyndonville to visit Kira and CJ at their house. Everyone had a great time. We played the game "Things" and of course Adam and I always write the same answers. We took some family photos.

Adam and Nicole left to go to Rome to visit his cousin, "Little" Paul. The plan was to visit Gran'ma in the morning and go for breakfast with her before starting back.

But when they got up in the morning there was a foot of snow on the ground and still snowing so they decide to get started back to Staten Island. That trip took him 7 hours. No snow just bad traffic on the turnpike.

I loved having everyone here for Christmas. It is the BEST Christmas we have had in a long time. The only way it could have been better was if Gran'ma could have been here too with us.

Adam and Kira are such loving children and they realy love and miss eachother. Nicole is so sweet and seems to make Adam very happy. He really seemed contented with life. Even if life as given lemons...he is makeing lemonade with them. It was really great to see him.

I can't wait to go visit Mom in Rome on New Year's Day!

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Kira said...

Um...you never know who might stumble upon your blog...so you may want to leave out the "awkward moment" part!