Friday, February 20, 2009

More Pictures of the Golden Girls Article

Feb 17, 2009: Betty Mack Beckwith, Beverly Jenny Johnson, Betty Hoag Doherty

1996: Back left to right Betty Hoag Doherty, Betty Mack Beckwith, Ginny Foley Donahue, Betty Lascelles Reber, Jean Meyer Dunn. In front, Beverly Jenny Johnson

1989: A holiday get together, Left to right, standing, Beverly Jenny Johnson, Betty Mack Beckwith, Betty Hoag Doherty, Ginny Foley Donahue and Evelyn Traxel Lambert. seated, Betty Lascelles Reber and Jean Meyer Dunn

In the 70's: Left to right in back, Betty Mack Beckwith, Betty Lascelles Reber, Jean Meyer Dunn, Ann Jones Marwick. Left to right in front Beverly Jenny Johnson, Betty Hoag Doherty.

July 1945: Left to right, Merle Amman, Jean Meyer (Dunn), Anne Jones (Marwick) and Betty Lascelles (Reber)

Graduation Day 1943: Left to right Betty Lascelles (Reber), Jean Meyer (Dunn), Sally Miller (McAndrew), Anne Jones (Marwick), Betty Mack (Beckwith), Dot Mathis (Delaney) and Marilyn Seymour (Corr).

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