Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home on Feb Break

We had a great time with my Mom and her friends on Monday and Tuesday. It is so nice to know Mom is still able to get around and enjoy herself. So many people in their 80s are shut in.
My mom was part of a group of girls in Jr High School. She always called them the "Tuesday Night Girls". I remember mom used to go out to meet with her Tuesday girls every tuesday night. Also I remember Dad used to Bowl on Tuesday nights. Hummmm how did that work.??? Anyway, when I was old enough to stay home with my brother we were left alone to watch....on Tuesday nights...MOD SQUAD. and I think Marcus Welby MD was on too (with James Brolin as Dr. Kielly).

Sometimes Mom would have Tuesday Night Club at her house. We got to have snacks and listen to the ladies laugh and talk all night.

It is hard to believe they have been meeting for over 70 years together. How many people can say they have had a best friend for over 70 years, let alone one but two. Betty Beckwith and Betty Dorghty have been my mom's friends for a long time. They have been through High School, weddings, births, and deaths and are still long lasting friends. I am so thankful for my mom and her friends.

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Kira said...

See? Good job blogging Mommy! I even edited my blog post about this weekend and linked to your post! Keep it up!

Do you have any old pictures of Grandma when she was younger? Like that article from the Rome Observer that had the picture of all the original Tuesday Night Girls? You should scan that in and post it. I have access to old pictures of Dad's side of the family...but not yours.