Monday, March 23, 2009

King goes to New York (Staten Island)

Well it all started a week ago Saturday night. We got a text from Adam in Staten Island that the Tech rider requested "if any one of the crew members has a dog to bring in to hang out for the day please do so". Adam texted that info to us thinking "How cool is that?"
I immediately thought...King and I will be right there. I never really thought I would be able to do it. Well, we were telling our friend Sandy about it. She said she would go...and she would drive her mini van so King will have lots of room for the ride to Staten Island from Rochester. So the plan was in place.
Friday afternoon after getting out of work Sandy picked up King and I.

We got to the Staten Island Hotel and spent the night. Of course King had to go out at 2:00 am. I could not convince him he really did not have to go out. So at 2:30 AM I had to get dressed without waking Sandy and take King out to...well....only pee. I really think he just wanted to go out and see where Ray was. I'm sure he was confused, why was he here without Ray and spending a night in a hotel room with Sandy and me.

In the morning I drove Sandy's van because I knew how to get around Staten Island. We grabbed breakfast at McDonald's on the corner of Forest Ave and Morningstar. I showed her Snug Harbor Cultural Center then went to meet Adam at St George Theatre on Hyatt. Once we got King settled in back stage, Sandy and I walked to the Staten Island Ferry.

We walked through the financial district to Ground Zero.

Then walked to Chinatown. We had a NYC pretzel. Then we went to lunch in McDonald's.

We decided to take the Subway to Central Park. We were waiting for the "Q" train to 57th and 7th Ave and realized it was going to be loading on the "R" Upper platform. We just made it. Sandy had a great time.

Central park was beautiful. There were street performers, flowers, people having picnics and sunny!

After we left Central Park we stopped at PAX and got some goodies. MMMMmmmm Coffee and a Canolli.

Then we took the Subway back down to the South Ferry and went back to Staten Island. We hung out at the St George Theatre until the concert. King stayed in the van during the concert and then came in to say good bye to the crew. Everyone loved King. He was a big hit.

I helped Adam build the ramp to unload the concert equipment. We had a great time. The St George Theatre is a beautiful building on the inside. The outside is so plain.

We said good bye and went back to the hotel and came home Sunday after having breakfast at IHOP. Adam had to work in Brooklyn at the St Patrick's Day Parade. It was 60 degrees and sunny in Brooklyn and it snowed 40 miles south of Syracuse on our way home.

I had a wonderful time this weekend. I hope to
be able to do it again sometime.

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