Saturday, November 15, 2008

Found Pictures Photo Booth Fun

Trying to organize pictures. It is not easy. I need to go buy some envelopes to continue. However, I did find a set of pictures that I think Kira was looking for. For some reason my scanner did not scan them as a single picture. But I am still learning.

Kira and Adam always have fun in front of a camera.
They really cracked me up.
I don't remember where these pictures were taken but I'm glad I found them.
I discovered movie maker software on my computer and want to finish making the Video of Little Boy on His Knees with Adam's pictures growing up. But I can not find the Power Point of the pictures to put on the movie maker program. I will have to as Ray to tell me how to get the old backed up stuff from our old computer to see if it is there.

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