Friday, October 12, 2012

I hate blogging and don't even know why I have one but once in a while I like to post pictures and tell about them.  I have read a few blogs this morning and suddenly felt the urge to blog... something anything. I love working on crafts and digging in the dirt. It is hard to stay inside and work on house work while the weather is so beautiful outside.

Kira had an awesome party on Saturday at her house. Her house is so cute and comfortable. Why is it so much easier to help clean someone else's house and not easy to do your own?  I went to Kira's in Lyndonville, NY after work on Thursday afternoon and helped out straightening things up for the party. We had fun too. We went for "Dirty Chai" at Shirt Factory Cafe.

Okay, I know why I don't blog... my brain is ADOS. Attention Deficit OH SHINY.

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