Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Crafting My Son's Wedding Invitations: Embossed Trees

My son is getting married to a wonderful girl in August, and I am hand-making their wedding invitations!
There are a few steps to the process of making the final product.  This first post is about using a rubber stamp and embossing powder (available at most craft stores) to make an embossed tree that will be on the front of the card. 
I used a chalk bag to rub on paper to avoid static cling. Then I used a rubber stamp medium (it's like clear rubber stamp ink) and the Tree stamp to stamp the design onto paper...then I poured embossing powder on while it was still wet.

Pour on embossing powder and slide off into a container to reuse.
The powder sticks to stamped image.  Now the magic...

I use the heat gun on the underside of the paper so it does not blow off any of the powder... 
... And it melts into a beautiful metallic image!

More to come!...

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