Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Family TREE? John Henry Johnson from Hope Mills, NC

Johnson Homestead in Hope Mills, NC From left: Irvin Johnson John Henry Johnson Archie McInnis and Mary Frances "Fannie" Dawkins  Date: About 1916
John Henry Johnson in Hope Mills, NC 

Kira's friend is a member of and was showing me how he researches family trees. We looked for my father's family and found some interesting things. I believe my great grandfather, John Henry Johnson from Hope Mills, NC was a moonshiner!  My grandfather, Irvin Francis Johnson was married to Katie M. Caldwell on Sept 26, 1917 in Sharon, Mecklenburg County NC. Irvin was unaccounted for during the 1930 Census It showed Kate Johnson was the "sister in law" and Alfred Johnson was the nephew living with a family with the last name King. Kate was listed as being married but we did not find my grandfather's name at that house hold. hummm?  Interesting.  I can't wait to find out more and look for more photos on the internet. Who would have thought we could find that much on our family in North Carolina. Gran'pa Johnson (Irvin) did not get a social security number until he got to NY. (He must have been running moonshine)

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