Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Brown Paper packages tied up with string!!

Well, I am terrible in keeping up with blogging. but last night I had to laugh at myself because I had such a huge mess of jute twine and felt the need to untangle it. I had been wrapping presents all day and the kitchen was a mess. The jute twine was a mess to start with and I had been just dealing with it. But now is is all fixed. I had to cut it once because it was tied and frayed. I am much happier now with my BALL of TWINE!

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Kira said...

It's okay, I'll forgive you. It's to get me back for not "following" your blog huh?
FYI: I do follow it, but it wasn't in the "official" Blogger Follower way (because I didn't know you had put the option on!) I am now though. Love you! See you tomorrow for Christmas Eve Dinner!